Yangdongsheng Xiang

Yangdongsheng Xiang

Designer of the jewelry brand.

Luxun Academy of Fine Arts Bachelor.

Contemporary artists.


Digital artist.

Traditional Chinese Buddha statue researcher.

Chinese calligraphy art enthusiast.

Yangdongsheng xiang is an architect who designs jewelry across borders. He examines the source of beauty with rational thinking, and pursues the oriental philosophy's admiration for the similarity of human nature, rather than blind innovation. A parametric and highly ordered design approach is his preference. A kind of inheritance and development unfolds in his hands, the culture of the future and the past are intertwined in the works, and the differences between people become small and insignificant under the huge contextual scale, water waves, curves, and highly generalized geometry and mathematics The meaning model will run through history and human beings, which is the eternal aesthetic gene.

<< Crock >> was collected by the school. 2017
<< Portrait_11 >> was collected by the school. 2018
<<Observing>> was won A’Design Award 2023 silver award. 2023
Jewelry Collection by yangdongsheng Xiang

Observing Jewelry Collection by yangdongsheng Xiang The work uses layers of circular outlines and changes in folds to design the process of human cognition of the world. The nested structure of concentric circles makes the work present an aesthetic feeling of continuous expansion or contraction, and the overall work reflects a comfortable sense of flow. The combination of gold and diamonds creates a rich and colorful picture and a texture of contrasting layers. The two texture treatments on the metal deepen the layering and spatial extension of the work, reflecting good craftsmanship.

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Yangdongsheng Xiang
P: +8619154989266
F: 中国

Yangdongsheng Xiang is ICCI member since 2023, with 2038 ICCI rating.
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