Jiancheng Tian

Jiancheng Tian

Company manager.


Designer of the jewelry brand.

RMIT Master (Architecture).

Luxun Academy of Fine Arts Bachelor (Arts).

Contemporary artists.

Architectural designer.

Freelance illustrator.

landscape architect.

Digital artist.

Graphic designer.

Gardening enthusiasts.

Breeder of cats and dogs.

Jiancheng Tian is an architect who designs jewelry across borders. He uses rational thinking to examine the source of beauty, and pursues the praise of human similarities in Eastern philosophy instead of pursuing blind innovation. Parametric and highly ordered design methods are his preference. A kind of inheritance and development unfolds in his hands, the culture of the future and the past are intertwined in the works, the differences between human beings become small and meaningless under the huge contextual scale, water waves, curves, highly generalized geometry and mathematics Models will run through history and human beings, this is the eternal aesthetic gene.
Earrings by Jiancheng Tian

Gargantua Earrings by Jiancheng Tian The creators cleverly used the structure of the regularly shaped accretion disk and the black ball in the middle to reveal the expansion of the universe and the gravitational motion of black holes. He attempted to describe the disordered and steady-state motion of chaotic systems in his works. The streamlined undulations reveal organic forms, and the work itself reflects a dynamic sense of extension and movement. The combination of karat gold and black chalcedony creates a rich sense of space and gravity flow, showing the power of styling and exquisite craftsmanship.

Contact Info

Jiancheng Tian
P: +8619154988366

Jiancheng Tian is ICCI member since 2023, with 2026 ICCI rating.
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