Qichao An

Qichao An-Chinese brand designer, director of WHDS Wuhan Designer Salon, member of Design Special Committee of Wuhan Advertising Association, member of ICVA International Visual Art Council, member of International Youth Art Design Association, founder and design director of Mornice Brand Design. With more than ten years of professional brand planning and design experience, he has won more than 50 domestic and foreign design awards, and has created an original brand design methodology: super focus = super brand. Adhering to the concept that design is a kind of constantly asking people questions, finding and reaching solutions, inheriting ingenuity, and making designs with warmth and emotion.
Juice Packaging by Qichao An

Gojaming Juice Packaging by Qichao An Gojaming juice packaging design uses the color corresponding to the fruit element as the main color of the packaging, which is convenient for consumers to have an intuitive association with the product. The design combines gojaming's logo with the freshly squeezed products. The logo element is expanded again and used as the main vision of the entire packaging, forming a unique visual identification symbol to achieve the unity of the brand visual chain.

Drink Packaging by Qichao An

Ideamix Lab Drink Packaging by Qichao An Ideamix Lab Fruit Tea Beverages showcase packaging that incorporates three different colors, aiding in effortless flavor identification. The use of geometric fruit graphics effectively communicates the essence of each flavor, seamlessly blending fruit and tea elements. Thorough research was conducted to ensure the distinctiveness of the product, and overcoming creative challenges resulted in a unified and pleasing design. The brand's youthful and refreshing image makes it a suitable option for consumers in search of a refined fruit tea experience.

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Qichao An
4th floor,D+M industrial design Town,Qiaokou District,Wuhan,Hubei,China
P: +8613018031369

Qichao An is ICCI member since 2022, with 4053 ICCI rating.
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