Mohamed Selim El Kady

Mohamad Selim El Kady, an artist that gives life to empty spaces through his vision. His passion as a kid, led him to studying Sculpture in Applied Arts. Refusing to settle in one place, he drew his own unique path. His ability to create figures from scratch using his wide imagination opened several doors. Inspired by his own background, El Kady envisions sculpturing image everywhere he is, leading him to a career as a Visual Merchandiser and Interior stylist. El Kady is really interested in the dressing and entertainment value of a space, focusing on smaller accessory items and current design trends. His work involves exhibitions, events, window and gallery displays or any space that you would like to pop up.
Lighting Products by Mohamed Selim El Kady

Atun Lighting Products by Mohamed Selim El Kady Darkness envelops, the land is in silence, their creator is resting in his horizon. At daybreak, arisen from the horizon, shining as the disk in day, you remove the darkness, you grant your rays, and the two lands are in festival Great Aten Hymn. This product has been inspired from the Pharaonic symbol of balance, strength and reincarnation Djed. The Djed was raised on the coldest, darkest nights of the year as a reminder of to reconnect to the light of righteoussness.

Contact Info

Mohamed Selim El Kady
Omar ibn Abdel Aziz
New Cairo

Mohamed Selim El Kady is ICCI member since 2022, with 2030 ICCI rating.
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