HaoYun Chi

Hao-Yun Chi is Ph.D. Candidate from NTUST in Taiwan. He also young emerging architectural and interior designer. His ideas about space are unique. In addition to being good at planning space functions, moving lines, and space sense, he also good at creating artistic aesthetics and can also accurately master them. In terms of space experience, users can feel the designer's requirements for design details. We can properly communicate with customers, convert needs into facts, and try our best to meet expectations in limited space, time, technology, technology, and material science. Under the pressure of cost etc., a new space with both practicality and aesthetics is created so that users can have a good experience both physically and mentally.
Residential by Hao-Yun, Chi and Hsing-Hung, Chen

The Dawn Residential by Hao-Yun, Chi and Hsing-Hung, Chen The Dawn inspired by the historical stories of Beitou-Taipei, hot spring culture, and natural resources, the linkage between architectural elements and indoor space, and integrate biological and humanistic elements into the interior space. They use the three aspects of logs, stone, and hot springs to design and create an ideal space between Japanese Zen and modern aesthetics, have vitality, breathe, and talk to nature and the humanities. Satisfy the desire of body and soul, Immerse in the beauty of nature.

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HaoYun Chi
No. 374 Minzu Road, Yilan County
P: +886 917442011

HaoYun Chi is ICCI member since 2022, with 2030 ICCI rating.
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