Chinese illustrator / visual designer / sound designer / artist / household artist, design style heals the heart. Won The design award at home and abroad many times. A number of China's popular design portal designers, invited lecturers, creative partners. Works included in the "yearbook of Chinese art and design" .
Residential House by Sha Lu

Soulful Residential House by Sha Lu The whole space is based on calmness. All background colors are light, gray, white, etc. In order to balance the space, some highly saturated colors and some layered textures appear in the space, such as deep red, such as pillows with unique prints, such as some textured metal ornaments. They become the gorgeous colors in the foyer, while also adding the appropriate warmth to space.

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98 Xiang'an road
P: 086 159 9001 3085

LuSha is ICCI member since 2020, with 2035 ICCI rating.
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