Maryam Heydarian, Bahram Piri

Clexi is an encrypted USB drive; the world’s 1st smart USB drive. It provides access to your data securely and quickly as convenient as unlocking your smartphone. You can share your data in a trusted way with others and remotely manage your drive. Clexi can be used on any devices (PC,Mac,TV,Game console). Plus, it won’t require any additional software or programs for running. Clexi is extremely user friendly and it has elegant and beautiful design.
Clexi has 4 unique features:
A military-grade encrypted drive
256-Bit AES hardware encryption
Auto-Lock with proximity awareness
Strong authentication based on public-key cryptography

2.Easy Unlock:
Plug & play; A smart way to unlock with a convenience of a phone which is always in your hand. No additional software is required!

3.Data Sharing:
Message-Based Sharing: Share your drive quickly, easily and securely with your contacts (1) Sign in to the Clexi Mobile App (2) Choose a contact from your phone (3) Ask a security question with an answer that you both know

4.Access Management:
Freeze or wipe out remotely your lost Clexi
Sign up for a Clexi ID for keeping access to your drive permanently with a new phone.

Clexi is a panted technology.
Clexi offers different capacities for different purposes and needs and has high performance.
Clexi is affordable, steady, trendy, safe and secure!

About our team:
We are a motivated team of engineers and designers aiming to make security and privacy more accessible and meaningful. We believe in the world today, data breach is one of the most common and dangerous threats in both company’s policies and individual’s lives. This is how we came up with the idea of making the first smartphone controlled encrypted flash drive. So you can stay secure without any Internet Requirement, just with a tap on your smart phone. We have great dreams and we do our best to provide a new efficient, affordable and reliable device which protect your privacy and security.
Secure Flash Drive by Maryam Heydarian

Clexi Secure Flash Drive by Maryam Heydarian Clexi is high security encrypted flash drive, a combination of secure storage space and biometric technology via bluetooth to prevent unauthorized users malicious access to your data. The world’s 1st smartphone controlled encrypted flash drive!Using military grade security, data will be stored on Clexi at the highest level of security. No additional software or program is needed on your system for running it. Clexi is extremely user friendly, fast and easy to use; plug, tap and play.Sharing Clexi is also possible; Through the app, the owner can authorize other users for sharing data.

Contact Info

Maryam Heydarian, Bahram Piri
1250 Homer Street
V6B 1C6
P: (236)979-0648

Maryam Heydarian, Bahram Piri is ICCI member since 2020, with 2023 ICCI rating.
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