Xiang Zhi Zhao

I started DIST design studio.DIST is an industrial design and product sales studio. Its members have won many Chinese and international design awards. It has been 6 years since its establishment in early 2014. With the efforts of the studio members, the number of designers has increased to several dozen. It has completed designs of different types and difficulties and many of its design products have been invited to participate in large-scale exhibitions.Dist studio adheres to the principle of public welfare and participates in many public welfare projects.
Regenerated Ring by Xiangzhi Zhao

Morning Dew Regenerated Ring by Xiangzhi Zhao Morning Dew was made with concentrating on the materials with method of recovering valuable metals to prepare regenerated gold and silver as materials. The preparation method is an simple method to use an amine containing porous material to adsorb chosen metal ions, and also to reuse of the treatment liquid in the treatment process. Finally to recover valuable metals, it is important to choose more environmentally friendly methods.

motorcycle for extreme environment by Xiangzhi Zhao

Hyena motorcycle for extreme environment by Xiangzhi Zhao Hyena is a special motorcycle applying to extreme environments, such as disaster rescue, material searching, ecological protection and field research. The motorcycle is mainly made of magnesium alloy and carbon fiber sheet. Based on the concept of IOT, the designer created Hyena SNS (social networking services) for Hyena, which can make more efficient information transfer during the operation for the operators.

Speculative Vase by Xiangzhi Zhao

2182 Vessel Speculative Vase by Xiangzhi Zhao In a contemporary era rich with materialism, how to make people enjoy the taste earnestly and meticulously through the design is the problem this design intends to solve. This wine glass is designed with a stopper to divide the whole body into two parts. The hollow area inside can be filled with wine when the stopper is removed. And when the stopper is restored, the glass can only provide the volume for three or four sips. The point of opposites unity in this design lies in the fact that two drinking glasses with significantly different volumes are sold at the same price.

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Xiang Zhi Zhao
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Xiang Zhi Zhao is ICCI member since 2020, with 6077 ICCI rating.
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