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Founded by a certified Architect from Taipei,Taiwan.After 25 years' efforts We're aexperienced veterans of interior design and architecture ,devoting to all types of interior design as well as specializing in renovation field including apartment,house,corporate office,indoor swimming pool,rehabilitation center,long term medical care center and so on.There have been more than 50 works completed by us .Most of them were done in Taiwan, some in Mainland China and Hong Kong.Our team with a competent capability of energetically communicating with English-speaking clients and consultants/subcontractors.Yiching means our design concept derived from local phenomenon and deduced to fit environment with decent aura.
Residential House by Chienting Chen

Unfolding Residential House by Chienting Chen In this project the designer responds to the context into environment , axis has become the entry point. The wide living space was transformed into multi-defined area where all activities can be combined. Moreover, it’s the place where one can meditate the essence of life.Decent proportion and lots of detail design are showed in many ways which make different materials melt. In addition, appropriate furniture style and colors display the good taste for client, it looks a cozy and comfortable style users enjoyed.

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Yiching interior design co.,ltd
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Yiching interior design co.,ltd is ICCI member since 2020, with 2023 ICCI rating.
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