Miles J Rice

Miles J Rice set out to make timeless yet unexpected pieces of design furniture, created with honesty and appreciation for the material, the crafts and the design.

Following in the footsteps of the artisan-craftsmen, Miles is a self-taught designer, whose mantra is: "You cannot teach passion." Taking inspiration from traditional designs and crafts, he is able to push far beyond these to create his very own visual language. This includes using pieces of wood, usually discarded for furniture making, allowing them to add their uniqueness to the designs to create pieces of forever furniture.
Dining Tables  by Miles J Rice

Royal Collection Dining Tables by Miles J Rice Sculpted and carved wood has been traditionally used to create decorative objects and sculptures. Oftentimes, these were later on gilded with gold leaf to create a more regal impression. Rice & Rice Fine FurnitureĀ“s Royal Collection combines these 2 crafts to create unique pieces of furniture that are decorative objects in their own right whilst being fully functional as pieces of furniture. The exclusive materials of 23.5-carat gold and American walnut hardwood are combined in 2 sculptural dining table designs. This collection is limited to 10 pieces per table design.

Dining Table by Miles J Rice

Augusta Dining Table by Miles J Rice The Augusta reinterprets the classic dining table. Representing the generations before us, the design seems to grow from an invisible root. The table legs are oriented to this common core, reaching up to hold the book-matched tabletop. Solid European walnut wood was selected for its meaning of wisdom and growth. Wood usually discarded by furniture makers is used for its challenges to work with. The knots, the cracks, the wind shakes and the unique swirls tell the story of the tree's life. The uniqueness of the wood allows this story to live on in a piece of family heirloom furniture.

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Miles J Rice
20 rue de Bous
P: +352 266 606 39

Miles J Rice is ICCI member since 2020, with 4058 ICCI rating.
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