Jeremy Bonggu Kang

Jeremy Bonggu Kang is a multidisciplinary graphic designer, painter, illustrator skilled in developing concepts and visualizing creative ideas in exquisitely detailed design. He graduated from Seoul Art High School and got his bachelor’s degree in painting at Seoul National University in Korea. After moving to Vancouver, he studied Graphic Design at LaSalle College, known as the Art Institute of Vancouver in the past. He won one of the 2019 RGD student awards for packaging design and a Silver award of A'Design Award He has worked and volunteered as a freelance graphic designer since 2009.
Gourmet Food Gift Set by Bonggu (Jeremy) Kang

Saintly Flavours Gourmet Food Gift Set by Bonggu (Jeremy) Kang Saintly Flavours is a gourmet food gift set that targets the consumers of high-end shops. Following the trend in which food and dining have become fashionable, the inspiration for the project comes from 2018’s Met Gala fashion theme of Catholicism. Jeremy Bonggu Kang tried to create a look that catches the eyes of the high-end shop consumers, using the ornate and traditional etching style of illustrations to represent the rich tradition of art and high-quality food making in Catholic Monasteries.

Contact Info

Jeremy Bonggu Kang
12875 107A Ave
British Columbia
P: 7788388511

Jeremy Bonggu Kang is ICCI member since 2020, with 2035 ICCI rating.
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