Kevin Sun (Sun Guang)

As a new media technology practitioner, designer, software development engineer, etc., Kevin Sun (Sun Guang)has many years of experience in interactive multimedia core technology, digital representation of public art in specific venues, multimedia interactive program and implementation of the exhibition hall and the production and construction of immersive installations, working to explore the convergence between digital technologies and physical entities´╝î
creating a mix of digital technology and new media art and machine intelligence.
Interactive Installation by Kevin Sun (SunGuang)

Fluids Interactive Installation by Kevin Sun (SunGuang) This project with digital multimedia form redefines the light, and the light lines into the visual effect such as liquid flow, subvert the perception of light within the cognitive, break the boundary line of the inherent cognitive form of light. The resulting work will invite visitors to plunge into life fluids through an immersive interactive experience. The installation will offer a poetic and philosophical sensory experience and is meant to open mankind's contemplation and curiosity for exploration of humans, life, and nature and their relationship.

Contact Info

Kevin Sun (Sun Guang)
4 floor, building No. C1&C2, High and New Tech Development District.Daqing
P: +13903695072

Kevin Sun (Sun Guang) is ICCI member since 2020, with 2028 ICCI rating.
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