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Founded in 2012 by three architects of different cultural backgrounds united by a common passion for architectural and interior design, Quark Studio Architects aim to deliver something more than a traditional design company.
Complex by Quark Studio Architects

Dijlah Village Complex by Quark Studio Architects Located in the heart of Baghdad, Iraq, The Dijlah Village Complex with its 12.000 sqm facility area is designed as a mixed-use commercial complex to answer the relevant need in the growing neighborhood. In order to answer the market requests, a Fitness Area, a Spa, and an Indoor Swimming Pool were included in the facilities. The design process developed around the idea of blending European’s modernism with the orientalism as a contrast. In the resulting synthesis, has been concluded a product that answers the quest for Baghdad.

Residential Development by Quark Studio Architects

Skgarden Villas Residential Development by Quark Studio Architects Commissioned by Lebanese developer Can Do Contractors, Skygarden Villas are nestled on a cliff of Yalıkavak. While searching for architectural conception, the aim was to create simple and rational structure from the functionality, construction and exploitation point of view. Homes feature balconies, floor-to-ceiling windows and terraces providing panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. The building’s interiors were made to organically flow from indoor to outdoor living while keeping a strong sense on the privacy as well.

Residential Development by Quark Studio Architects

Lovin Maris Villas Residential Development by Quark Studio Architects Quark was chosen for the architecture and interior design of the Lovin Maris Villas. The project consists of 14 modern style villas situated in a quiet, seaside neighborhood in Istanbul. Quarks design concept for this project integrates minimalist aesthetics and comfort with the geographic position of the villas. The positioning of the villas, overlooking the Marmara Sea, combined with large windows, LED cove lighting and spotlighting offers an eye friendly interior. The warm color palette used in the villas is complemented by the use of organic materials and natural textures.

Hospital by Quark Studio Architects

Kahramanmaras Doga Hospital by Quark Studio Architects The Kahramanmaras Doga Hospital is a state-of-the-art healthcare facility located in Kahramanmaraş, Turkey. Designed by Quark Studio Architects, the hospital aims to provide patients and staff with a comfortable and healing environment that integrates natural elements and luxurious amenities. The hospital's design approach to health-centric architecture and integration of natural elements, luxurious materials, and amenities are a testament to Quark Studio Architects' commitment to creating a holistic restorative environment that caters to the needs of both patients and staff.

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