Ren Xiaoyu

Since establishing 1-Cube design in 2014, Ren Xiaoyu has embarked on a road of developing his own style in design. As an architect and interior designer, he dedicated to researching and exploring the behaviours of people in the context of the new era, and the relationship between experience and space. The types of practice projects are diverse and mostly revolve around people's functional or spiritual needs in space. With innovative design strategies and great aesthetic value, his excellent works have won worldwide recognition and many renowned international design awards.
Restaurant by Ren Xiaoyu

Yucoo Restaurant by Ren Xiaoyu With the gradual maturity of aesthetics and the aesthetic changes of human, the modern style that highlights self and individuality has become the important elements of design. This case is a restaurant, the designer want to create a youthful space experience for consumers. Light blue, grey and green plants create rnatural comfort and casualness for the space. The chandelier made by hand-woven rattan and metal explains the collision between human and nature, showing the vitality of the whole restaurant.

Restaurant by Ren Xiaoyu

Yuyuyu Restaurant by Ren Xiaoyu There is quite a lot of these mixed contemporary designs on the market here in China today, usually based ontraditional designs but with either modern materials or new expressions. Yuyuyu is a Chinese restaurant, designer have created a new way to express Oriental design, a new Installation composed of lines and dots, those are extended from the door to the inside of the restaurant. With the change of times, people's aesthetic appreciation is also changing. For contemporary Oriental design, innovation is very necessary.

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Ren Xiaoyu
Room 1606, Unit B, Building 1, Shuxiangmendishanghefang, Minzhi street, Longhua District
P: +86-755-85337352
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Ren Xiaoyu is ICCI member since 2020, with 4070 ICCI rating.
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