Lynn Tsang

Lynn's design fields include brand visual communication, product packaging, product appearance and other fields. Diversified cultural background and work experience laid a good foundation for his thinking ability and action ability. He has his own original brand and original products, He has worked with many well known brands, And his design has won many international design awards.
Wine Packaging by Lynn Tsang

HuangRan Wine Packaging by Lynn Tsang Design aspiration is originated from story of monkeys drag for moon, the monkeys who wear clothes and drag for moon’s shadow like people who are busy in life but have no gain. However, there will have moment of seeing light suddenly, like he drunk and starts to think about life.The package generalizes forest on night by raised line, use paper-cut silhouette to perform the monkeys in a wait, use Chinese leather-silhouette show style to perform the monkeys who are dragging for moon.

Traditional Preserved Duck Packaging by Lynn Tsang

HuangRan Traditional Preserved Duck Packaging by Lynn Tsang The design idea of the packaging comes from a duck breeder with a broken sack on his back in the Chinese market in the 20th century, Ducks breathe through the holes in their sacks.All the ducks were raised in natural waters, they play with fishes since childhood. The design makes a little interesting design of the image of the duck keeper, showing that the duck keeper takes good care of the duck as grandpa does.

Gold Tea Packaging by Lynn Tsang

Hongyanxi Gold Tea Packaging by Lynn Tsang Design inspiration comes from ethnic minorities in Western Hunan, China. Ethnic minorities have always given people a very mysterious feeling. The main part of the package is the scene of tea picking by Tujia girls in Western Hunan. Among them, it combines the characteristics of Western Hunan, such as Xi Lan Ka Pu, beautiful mountains and rivers, highlighting the strong regional characteristics. Presenting a picture of a nation, nature and beautiful scenery. Express the concept of green, healthy and original ecology of tea.

Watch Packaging by Lynn Tsang

Preaker Watch Packaging by Lynn Tsang The design of series watches adopts six landmark buildings in Changsha, China. namely Hunan Broadcasting System, Evening Enjoying Pavilion, Orange Continent Head, Pavilion Of Heaven's Center, Changsha Railway Station and Helong Stadium, So their packaging design also adopts the six landmark buildings corresponding to them. The packaging design adopts the manifestation of Hunan embroidery to design the six landmark buildings, The main visual picture is made up of lines.

Patron Saint Wine Packaging by Lynn Tsang

HuangRan Patron Saint Wine Packaging by Lynn Tsang The Green Dragon, the White Tiger, the Vermilion Bird and the Black Tortoise are the patron saints in ancient Chinese mythology, The Packaging use anthropomorphic methods combined with elements of Chinese opera to create a new image of the four patron saints. With fashionable design methods, The Packaging subvert their stereotypes in people's minds, The series comes in four bottles, and each bottle represents each patron saint. The structure of the gift box is the up and down cover. The four patron saints are printed on the inner box to occupy the four directions.

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Lynn Tsang
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Lynn Tsang is ICCI member since 2019, with 10133 ICCI rating.
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