Xie, Feng

Xie Feng, a young Chinese designer, is engaged in industrial product design and design philosophy: the beauty of manufacturing comes from design, the pursuit of beauty and emotional design!
Multifunctional container by Xie Feng

Aromatherapy Multifunctional container by Xie Feng An incense vessel like a donut, providing an elegant container for incense. When the incense rises slowly from the middle of the donut, in that moment, it will present a scene that the donut is just baked with a good smell in the mind, which is so delicious! This will make you more elegant to receive the ash, from the original storage problems. Wood materials can also make people feel warmer.

Deflector Oil Bottle by Xie Feng

Diamonds Deflector Oil Bottle by Xie Feng A bottle with a groove at the mouth can be used to hold olive oil and other edible liquids, which can be used by people in more aspects, and can easily control the pouring amount.For the old people who need to control their diet every day in order to be healthy, this is a very good design with low cost and easy production. As for the built-in diamond groove, it does not affect the original external design, which can better control the processing cost while saving materials.

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Xie, Feng
No.45, Chiling Road, Tianxin District
Hunan Province

Xie, Feng is ICCI member since 2020, with 4046 ICCI rating.
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