Lichen Ding

Lichen Ding is an award-winning designer with experience spanning across multiple disciplines and industries. Dabbled in architecture, interior space, and the field of art installations, service areas throughout the culture, hotel, commercial, office, real estate and brand planning. His is a winner of the Golden A' Design Award Winner for Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category in 2018.Senior partner of World Design Consortium. His project design has won several international authoritative awards, such as A' Design Award, The Prix Versailles, German Design Award, Iconic Award, Hospitality Design Award, The Architecture Master Prize and so on.


Si Han Design

2008 , Interior Design , Wuhan University, WUHAN/CHINA.

2008-Present,Creative Director,Sihan Decoration Design Co., Ltd. WUHAN/CHINA.

2019. Mood Design Museum, Como, Italy.
2019. Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt, Germany.
2019. Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Germany.
2019. Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain.

2019. A' Design Award, Gold Award, Italy.
2019. A' Design Award, Bronze Award, Italy.
2019. A' Design Award, Iron Award, Italy.
2019. The Prix Versailles, Special prize Interior, France.
2019. German Design Award, Special Mention, Germany.
2019. Iconic Award, Winner, Germany.
2019. Hospitality Design Award, Finalist, USA.
2019. Asia Design Prize, Bronze Award, Korea.
2019. K Design Award, Finalist, Korea.
2019. Singapore Interior Design Awards, Honorary MentionĂ—2, Singapore.
2018. The Architecture Master Prize, Winner, USA.
2018. London International Creative Competition, Shortlist, UK.
2018. London International Creative Competition, Honorary Mention, UK.
2018. Inno Design Prize, Winner, France.

2019. A'Design Award Winner Designs 2018-2019, Page 99, Italy, ISBN:978-88-97977-21-6.
2019. A'Design Award Winner Designs 2018-2019, Page 248, Italy, ISBN:978-88-97977-23-0.
2019. A'Design Award Winner Designs 2018-2019, Page 421, Italy, ISBN:978-88-97977-23-0.
2019. German Design Award Excellent Communications Design Volume,Page 995, Germany.
2019. Asia Design Prize Yearbook,Page 78, Korea.
2018. The Architecture Master Prize Yearbook,Page 74, USA.

2019. IDF "Architectural Thinking" Design Elite, (2019-2020) China.
2018. IFI "40 Under 40" Hubei Interior Design, (2018-2019) China.

Mandarin (Native), Cantonese (Advanced), English (Fluent)

Microsoft Office, (Advanced)
AutoCad, (Advanced)
Adobe Photoshop , (Fluent)
SketchUp, (Fluent)

Every year, he attends many academic conferences, forums, speeches, reports and so on.

2019. Senior partner of World Design Consortium.

Travel, Movie, Painting, Photography, Reading



Hotel by Lichen Ding

Shang Ju Hotel by Lichen Ding With the beauty of nature and the beauty of humanity,definition of City Resort Hotel,it is clear that it is different from local hotels. Combined with local culture and living habits, add elegance and rhyme to guest rooms and provide different living experiences. The relaxed and rigorous work of holiday, full of elegance, clean and soft life.Reveal the state of mind that hides the mind, and let the guests walk in the tranquility of the city.

Hotel by Lichen Ding

Hua Yi Hotel by Lichen Ding The Chinese traditional culture will be re interpreted, so that visitors can feel the elegant and abstract changes in the seasons.Distinguish between the combination of noisy and quiet, open and private, the graceful planning of a quiet space, introverted extravagant display quality from the is clear that the style is different from the local hotels, and the theme of the city business hotel is distinctive.

Club by Lichen Ding

Tian Zi Club by Lichen Ding The project is located as the local club new benchmarks, more private space, more intimate service, full of ecological atmosphere, rich Zen detail collocation, colorful and colorful exotic atmosphere, through the human hearing, taste, body, touch, smell, visual five sensory functions, to achieve the relaxation of body, heart and spirit.

Hotel by Lichen Ding

Hong Guang Hotel by Lichen Ding Thinking about the contemporary design language with the logic of oriental aesthetics is a more modern, fashionable, artistic, poetic and modern Oriental Language. It is this invisible charm that makes people enter the space and feel that the entrance of the space is the starting point of the whole scene, showing charming changes.

Guesthouse by Lichen Ding

The MeetNi Guesthouse by Lichen Ding In terms of design elements, it is not intended to be complicated or minimalist. It takes Chinese simple color as the base, but uses textured paint to leave space blank, which forms the oriental artistic conception in line with modern aesthetics. Modern humanistic home furnishings and traditional decorations with historical stories seem to be ancient and modern dialogues flowing in space, with a leisurely ancient charm.

Hotel by Lichen Ding

New Beacon Hotel by Lichen Ding Space is a container. The designer infuses emotion and space elements into it. Combining with the characteristics of space noumenon, the Designer completes the deduction from emotion to sequence through the arrangement of space route, and then forms a complete story. Human emotion is naturally precipitated and sublimed through experience. It uses modern techniques to metaphor the ancient city's culture, and shows the aesthetic wisdom for thousands of years. The design, as a spectator, slowly tells how a city nourishes the contemporary human life with its context.

Hotel by Lichen Ding

Inn Soper Hotel by Lichen Ding With the originality of the designer, the hotel combines classical elements with fashionable and sophisticated style, cleverly showing the local multi-cultural and elegant charm, and enjoy an immersive luxury accommodation experience. In this charming space, iconic design elements and craft details can be seen everywhere, expressing sincere respect for the rich local culture.

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Lichen Ding
Sihan design, No.17 Building, Jiangcheng No.1, 4th Gutian Road, Qiaokou District
Hubei Province
P: +86 18627002495

Lichen Ding is ICCI member since 2019, with 14226 ICCI rating.
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