Kuo-Pin Sun

Vincent Sun Space Design is my personal studio, and I live in Taiwan.
I have devoted my life to researching Yangzhai Fengshui, and using Fengshui to improve the relationship between people and the environment, and through the interior design I studied at the University of the Arts London, I incorporated Yangzhai Fengshui into the design to make it closer to the daily life.
Residential House by KUO-PIN SUN

Rhythm of Water Residential House by KUO-PIN SUN Living space not only provide the sense of security but also provide a place for people to communicate; in addition, it’s a tunnel for human to communicate with the nature. This design project based on the theme of Rhythm of Water, not only reflect the unique of the Vincent Sun Space design studio, also shows the interaction between space and the natural element- water. Deriving from the origin of water, Sun’s design concept can be traced back to embryonic phase of land-forming period when lands are surrounded by sea water. All these concept comes from Asian ancient book, Book of Changes.

Contact Info

Kuo-Pin Sun
1F., No. 3, Ln. 21, Sanmin Rd.
Xindian Dist.
P: +886227849889

Kuo-Pin Sun is ICCI member since 2020, with 2028 ICCI rating.
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