Junhai Lin

Junhai Lin, an employee of Xianju in Zhejiang Province, founded Zenrebrand Design Office in 2010. He has more than 10 years of experience in personalization of corporate, institutional, and personal brands. He has a unique and profound understanding of brand development and is adept at commercial design. Ingenious fusion with art aesthetics, brand image and brand power. At the same time, they are keen on the study of traditional culture. They are also striving to practice the modernization of the traditional elements and making them meet the needs of modern people. They hope that through their own efforts, they will help more Chinese brands to go abroad and go global. His works have won various professional design awards and have been selected for many types of design work yearbook...
Corporate Identity by Junhai Lin

Zhenzhen Laolao Corporate Identity by Junhai Lin Through in-depth investigation and research on zhenzhen laolao, we have found zhenzhen laolao's unique brand cultural characteristics and brand DNA. We will use it as a visual symbol to enable zhenzhen laolao to become a strong brand and return to the real old ageing step by step. Taking China's fundamental and traditional culture as "returning to the eating habits of traditional life," it has truly realized the "new and old Jiaxing taste of communication appeal."

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Junhai Lin
Tao 4-2-701 Lvcheng Lanting Zhenxing Rd. Linping Street
P: 86-182 5718 8833

Junhai Lin is ICCI member since 2018, with 2021 ICCI rating.
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