Zhao Deli

Zhao Deli, born on 1987, is the lecturer at School of Architecture and Art, China Academy of Art, the founding director of Zai-Zao Architecture (i.e.Re-Creation Architecture), Visiting Professor at Rhode Island of Design Architecture Department(2017-2018), and also the PhD candidate of Wang Shu at China Academy of Art. He is the founding director of Zai - Zao Architecture that is the architectural design office located in Hangzhou China which is focused on re-creating the contemporary reality between virtual and actual to the vibrant architectural intensity and completeness synthesis towards the progressive social life.
Vibrant Reading Structure by Zhao Deli

The Infinite Vibrant Reading Structure by Zhao Deli It is trying to examine a meteorology project of a bookstore's re-creation built on the existing stereotyped commercial complex in China as a new vibrant reading synthesis which architectural time and life can be self acted towards readers' creativity and involvement. It's expressed not only finding intensity of knowledge seeking in relation to subconscious movements but also its multiplicity scales of creative repetition that can allow people and architecture to co-create the space through a "real" and "infinite" process of knowledge sharing.

Exhibition Cantilever System by Zhao Deli

Painting Cloud Exhibition Cantilever System by Zhao Deli Innovative and flexible cantilever system hangs as the gallery ceiling for animating the new experience of exhibition. The light and movable structure adapts the existing office building structure and space carefully, then will frame the both of the bottom and up space of the gallery by only transforming very compressed space of its ceiling. The space for exhibition can be changed each time differently dependent on the art works types and theme. Intimate and new perception between visitors, art pieces and space will be constantly re-formed.

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Zhao Deli
Zhuantang zhi St.352 China Academy of Art Xiangshan Campus

Zhao Deli is ICCI member since 2018, with 4060 ICCI rating.
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