Yuanfang Liu

Liu Yuanfang won the golden prize for A' design award, and her works were selected for many times in Korea international digital exhibition. The works won the two prize of China national public service competition, the first prize of the national advertising design contest, and the beautiful asian posters and so on.
Protection of environment by YUANFANG LIU

One World Protection of environment by YUANFANG LIU It is a series of poster design and creative cultural product design. This design will continue to expand into the creative and living. Printed and posted way, called on people to protect the environment. It is inspired by the gradual deterioration of the earth's environment and the destruction of homes. People live in the same world and share the same dream. It combine the continents of the world with the ocean, the land, the sky. It symbolizes the good wishes of world peace.

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Yuanfang Liu
P: 13654988621

Yuanfang Liu is ICCI member since 2018, with 2042 ICCI rating.
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