Michael Yim

Michael Yim is the founder of Big Bang Markets Limited, a Hong Kong-based software and hardware startup company. Michael holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is a voracious learner and has a special interest in all topics related to computing, electronics and entrepreneurship. Over the years, Michael has worked on a wide selection of projects ranging from arbitrage systems, to software platforms and electronic anti-theft devices. His goal in every project is to challenge the status quo and develop innovation that transcends current technological barriers and make people's lives better.
Travel Bag by Michael Yim

CabinR Travel Bag by Michael Yim The Cabin R travel bag collection includes Vista Messenger and the Discovery Backpack. They are travel bags with electronic anti-theft technology that sound an alarm if being tampered with. The patented anti-theft technology is embedded in the two travel bags via a snap-on security blanket that is able to distinguish between normal movement and theft activity. The security blanket can also be detached and used separately to secure any type of bag. Besides the security function, Cabin R travel bags have over eighteen other features especially designed for travelers.

Contact Info

Michael Yim
Le Prestige, Lohas Park
P: +85290922313

Michael Yim is ICCI member since 2019, with 2033 ICCI rating.
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