Cui Ying

The founder of Sun Design, Cui Ying is an honor graduate from the prestigious Academia di Belle Arti di Firenze. While pursuing her master degree there, she was recognized as a calligraphic artist and invited by the government of Palermo, Italy for the Sino-Italian cultural exchange for two consecutive years. Before that, she had worked as an architect at the renowned China Architectural Design Institute, and made great contributions to some rewarded projects. Being active in varied projects on the Chinese and Italian market with her innovative vision, Cui Ying has developed her own design philosophy based on Chinese culture and global thinking, and her specialty lies in dispelling indifference and confrontation, and coordinating symbiotic relationship between eastern and western culture, art and design. She is versatile with works covering architecture, space, production, costume, public facility, art design, etc. Some of her designs have been showcased at world-leading exhibitions, such as Tokyo Artist Group Exhibition, Sarpi Bridge-Oriental Design Week, etc. and Florence design week has rewarded her work “Best Design” of year 2017.Cui Ying argues that ultimate goal of design is to explore our inner world for better understanding and showcasing diversities, which empowers her to create designs that are unconventional and yet well-managed in great harmony in order to better serve its purpose to make life easier and smarter!
Scarf by Ying Cui

MY DIARY AT FLORENCE Scarf by Ying Cui The work reflects the journey of the young Chinese artist searching for her true self at the most prestigious art school, Academia di Belle Arti di Firenze, where she’s absorbed the energy coming from the collision of Chinese and western culture, and turned it into these stunning pieces of art. By printing those amazing patterns on woolen materials, the most faithful reproduction of the traditional Chinese rice paper, the calligraphy delivers the power of writing and the charm of art.

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Cui Ying
No.86 Beiyuan Road, Chaoyang District
P: +86 18513196334
F: +86 (0)10 63155557

Cui Ying is ICCI member since 2018, with 2021 ICCI rating.
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