Calvin Sio

Calvin Sio is one of the top international designers in Macau, and founded Macau original life-style brand 「Hylé Design Macau」 in 2014. Hylé Design is inspired by cultural life in pursuit of pure essence of things, it aims to discover the aesthetics and every little details around people. By sharing this particular warm-hearted feeling, Hylé Design expects to bring the customers a different experience of quality life. Latest representative product is CROZ-D.I.Y Digital Camera.
D.I.Y Digital Camera by Calvin Sio Kai Tong

Croz D.I.Y Digital Camera by Calvin Sio Kai Tong CROZ is an innovative camera collaboratively produced by Hylé Design Macau and PaperShoot Taiwan. CROZ showcases the essence of traditional photography and modern inspiration, significant features cover interactive DIY process, simplification and nostalgia. Users can select preferred models and build their exclusive one. CROZ keeps only two buttons: an on/off/shoot 3-in-1 button and a switch to select between different photo effects. Besides thoughtful craftsmanship, all these features devote to bring users back to the very beginning of camera: intimately observing and recording life moments.

Contact Info

Calvin Sio
Studio 03. 3F, Macau Design Centre, Travessa da Fabrica N0. 5
P: Macau / +853 6383792

Calvin Sio is ICCI member since 2018, with 2033 ICCI rating.
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