Li Haoyang

She is a master graduate student, like photography, love the fun of the kind, the details of life enriched her creation.She also is an independent designer, personal brand in the establishment.
 furniture Chair and Corner a few by Li Haoyang

Bamboo Rhyme furniture Chair and Corner a few by Li Haoyang Only because of hand-made so good idea, in today's market has not applicable. Although people love the hand-made products of ingenuity, but with the development of the times, taking into account the high quality and mass production of the product is more popular favorite. So keep the spirit of handmade craftsmen, with the help of new technology or mechanical power to the heart of the craftsmen to perform high-quality products, mass production, which will be the next thing I want to do.

Contact Info

Li Haoyang
No.8, Huajiaidi Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Beijing 100102
P: +86+15652782736

Li Haoyang is ICCI member since 2017, with 2032 ICCI rating.
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