ChungSheng Chen

Prof. Chen holding a Master and Bachelor degree of Industrial Design, he has been an assistant professor teaching product design, creative design thinking in University for more than 24 years. Being a practice designer and a university design instructor, he played an active role in creative design industry, with few hundreds of products he had designed and awarded with lots of merits and accolades. He had instructed few hundreds award winning works and projects from students he taught. He also established his own design studio acdesign associates International Co.,Ltd that focusing in strategic design thinking, product planning and branding services, helping many SME companies to acquire project funding from government.
Workout Silicone Water Bottle by ChungSheng Chen

Happy Aquarius Workout Silicone Water Bottle by ChungSheng Chen Happy Aquarius is a safe and good grip water bottle for all ages. It has a smooth smiling curvature shape designed and eye-catching double sided colors appearance, presenting a sense of young, energetic and fashionable. Made by 100 % recyclable food grade silicone, sustaining temperature range form 220 deg. C to -40 deg. C, no plasticizer leached out and is BPA free. The soft touch surface coating provides silky feel, nice in hold and grip. Springiness, elasticity and the hollow structure feature enable the bottle to work-out as hand gripper as well as light-weight dumbbell.

Furniture Set by ChungSheng Chen

ChuangHua Tracery Furniture Set by ChungSheng Chen ChuangHua Tracery fit for home deco, commercial space , hotel or studio which its essence inspired by ChuangHua, the Chinese window grilles pattern. Using sheet metal bending technology and powder paint coating in vivid reddish color setting off with purely white that enlightened its festive looked, making them free from the metallic image of hard, cold and heavy. Aesthetically simple clean and neat in its structural shape designed, when light pass through the laser cutting tracery pattern, the shadow projected onto the surrounding wall and floor that shows a glimpse of beauty.

Laminated Bamboo Retractable Stool by ChungSheng Chen

Kala Laminated Bamboo Retractable Stool by ChungSheng Chen Kala, a stool made in laminated bamboo with a retractable mechanism in the central axis. Taking oil-paper umbrella structure as its inspiration, laminated bamboo strip was heat baked and clamp fixture in the wood mold that bended into shape, showing its simplicity and oriental charming. Interestingly the elasticity of laminated bamboo structure designed and the retractable mechanism in the central axis, one’s will find interaction when sitting on Kala stool, it will descend lightly and smoothly, and when one’s stood up from Kala stool, it will ascend back to its position.

Silicone meal plate by ChungSheng Chen

Happy Bear Silicone meal plate by ChungSheng Chen Happy Bear is specially designed for young kids, is safe, unbreakable, avoid annoying noise cause and no leaching of phthalates plasticizer, BPA free, easy to clean, safe to be wash in dishwasher. Sustaining temperature from -40deg.C to 220deg.C, soft touch surface coating. Exclusive duo colors forming technology, highlighting the meal plate a bear facial outline. Besides it can be used as a mold to make chocolate, cake or bread.

Metal Postcard PenHolder by ChungSheng Chen

SwordLion Metal Postcard PenHolder by ChungSheng Chen This is a series cultural creative souvenir of 5 metal postcard penholder, its features derived from Tainan historical Anping SwordLion totem along with the Chinese 5 elements philosophy by using laser engrave technique and foldable metal structure mechanism designed. Greetings, notes or doodles can be made on the graphical metal sheet and sent as a postcard, which to be bent and folded into a penholder later on, presenting a unique style of gift and stationery.

Hotel Amenities by ChungSheng Chen

Marn Hotel Amenities by ChungSheng Chen Having inspiration from the festive snacks of traditional Tainan culture (an old city in Taiwan full with cultural heritage), by transforming them into a set of hotel amenities, these series of festive snacks always known to the local as "Marn", means fulfillment in Chinese culture; turtle-shaped rice cake as hand soap and soap dish, mung bean cake as toiletries, tang yuan sweet dumpling as hand cream and steamed bun & Tainan brown sugar bun cake as tea set. Tainan culture heritage could be widespread to the world as the hotel is a nice platform to promote local culture.

Fashion Accessories by ChungSheng Chen

XiuJin Fashion Accessories by ChungSheng Chen The combination of the metal handicraft and embroidery breaks the stereotypes that common metals give us a kind of cold feeling, using the long and short satin stitch and the softness of the bright embroidery thread combined with the delicate 925 sterling silver making this set of fashion accessory uniqueness. It makes good use of the stereoscopic embroidery to present bright colors, making this combination look more visually attractive than before.

Breath Training Game by ChungSheng Chen

P Y Lung Breath Training Game by ChungSheng Chen Is a toy-like device design for all ages so that everyone will be benefit from regular breath training to enhance lung capacity by blowing the ball to pass through tracks with different checkpoints in controlling the inhale and exhale of air. The tracks comes in various module, flexible and interchangeable. A magnetic mechanism structure designed in the breath builder which provide adjustment to suit one’s respiratory condition.

Home Decor by ChungSheng Chen

Lacexotic Home Decor by ChungSheng Chen Pentagram, Mandala and Flower Tile lace patterns and colors designed, the inspiration comes from Middle East, Moorish and Islamic style, with exclusive stereoscopic lace production method applied to create a unique style that brings a new perspective on lace, it differed from usual pattern and usage of lace. Presenting the lace three-dimensionally that fit into table lamp, vase and tray of home decorations.

Educational Learning Toy by ChungSheng Chen

GrowForest Educational Learning Toy by ChungSheng Chen Helping children to understand sustainable development goals of life on land, the protection, conservation and restoration of forestry. Trees model identical to Taiwan domestic wood species of acacia, incense cedar, Tochigi, Taiwan fir, camphor tree, and Asian fir. Warm touch of wooden texture, the unique scent of each tree species, and the altitude terrain for different tree species. An illustrated story book helps to deep root children with the concept of forest conservation, learning differences between Taiwan tree species, bringing the concept of conservation forests with the picture book.

Sustainability Suitcase by ChungSheng Chen

Rhita Sustainability Suitcase by ChungSheng Chen Assembly and disassembly designed for sustainability cause. With an Innovative hinge structure system designed, 70 percent of parts were reduced, no glue or rivet for fixation, no sewing of the inner lining, that makes it easier to be repaired, and downsized 33 percent of freight volume, eventually, extend the suitcase life-cycle. All parts can be purchase individually, for customizing own suitcase, or parts replacement, no returning suitcase to repair center needed, saves time and reduce shipping carbon footprint.

Dumbbell Handgripper by ChungSheng Chen

Dbgripper Dumbbell Handgripper by ChungSheng Chen Is a safe and good hold fitness tools for all ages. Soft touch coating on the surface, providing a silky feel. Made by 100 % recyclable silicone with special material formula producing 6 different levels of hardness, with different size and weight, provide optional grip force training. Hand gripper also can fit onto the rounded notch at both sides of the dumbbell bar adding weight to it for arm muscle training up to 60 types of different strength combination. The eye-catching colors from light to dark, indicates the strength and weight from light to heavy.

Multi Function Dining Chair by ChungSheng Chen

Ace Iflip Multi Function Dining Chair by ChungSheng Chen Ace Iflip is a smart seat for children with long life cycle. The quick unfolded and folded mechanism make it simple operation. The height of the chair legs can be adjusted to 8cm in three stages according to the children height. The internal seat width is 34 cm, is ergonomically to adults too. Foldable for convenient storage and carrying to various activities. The simple installation and disassembly method of the dinner plate can be flexibly changed between the dining chair and the leisure chair. It can be used as a highchair for infants and young children when placed on an adult dining chair.

Vase by ChungSheng Chen

Canyon Vase by ChungSheng Chen The handcrafted flower vase was produced by 400 pieces of precision laser cutting sheet metal with different thicknesses, stacking layer by layer, and welded piece by piece, demonstrating an artistic sculpture of flower vase, presented in a detailed pattern of the canyon. Layers of stacking metal shows the texture of canyon section, also increasing the scenarios with different ambient, creating irregularly changing natural texture effects.

Vase by ChungSheng Chen

Courbe Vase by ChungSheng Chen The beautiful curvy shape of Courbe vase, is made of two tubular metal pipes by innovative technique that bend and clamp two pieces of metal pipe, which is a pipe within another pipe at the same time without any welding process, producing a unique flower vase and also serve as a diffuser bottle. The two tone color coating of the pipes, black and gold, enhancing a sense of luxury.

Inclusive Playground Equipment by ChungSheng Chen

Sight Difference Inclusive Playground Equipment by ChungSheng Chen A series of inclusive playground equipment that focuses on safe interaction and encourages the elderly to play with their grandchildren in a community inclusive playground. Convention equipment in the playground, either only fit for children or solely for the elders, Sight Difference enhances the interaction and fun between grandparents and grandchildren, increases the elders' exercise opportunities at the same time promoting the sustainable development of today's inclusive communities when playing in the park.

Bench by ChungSheng Chen

GanDan Bench by ChungSheng Chen This is a handcrafted bench inspired by the nature of silkworm spinning and cocooning, and with reference to the traditional craftsmanship of Aomori Prefecture Japan, with which take shaped by enlacing the golden teak wood veneer through continuous wrapped in circles and layers, showing the beauty of veneer gradation, to form a perfect streamlining shape of bench. Looks hard as if wooden bench but is soft sitting feel instead. Without any waste or scrap when it was made which is relatively environmentally friendly.

Educational Learning Toy by ChungSheng Chen

2030 City Blueprint Educational Learning Toy by ChungSheng Chen This set of educational toys aim to enhance preschool children with consciousness and mindset on sustainable development of cities and communities, to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. Using recycle corrugated fiberboard as the sole material, conforms to green toys and sustainable development objective. With different urban city floor plan, building blocks, land, trees, vehicles, human, green energy generators like wind turbine and solar panel, children were encouraged to build his/her future city creatively yet sustainability.

Stool by ChungSheng Chen

O3Connect Stool by ChungSheng Chen The stool with beautiful hollow bracing structure managed from the interlocking three circular curvature by laminated wood bending into shape, Using natural wood bending and multi-layer pressurized shaping technology, showing the elasticity and toughness of natural materials, covering with high quality of hand stitching leather. Warm and smooth visually and yet sturdy and strong to holds weight up to 140kg.

Educational Learning Toy by ChungSheng Chen

Blocs Intummy Educational Learning Toy by ChungSheng Chen Blocs in tummy was created to convey the concept that everyone has access to safe and adequate food. The main purpose is to educate preschool children about hunger, and learn to share and increase their awareness on food shortage. Geometrical food blocks can be share among children to fill into the empty stomach of the dolls, guided by an illustration story book, to enhance the cognition of food sharing and food cherish.

Fountain Pen by ChungSheng Chen

3D Buildmesh Fountain Pen by ChungSheng Chen Integrating architectural structure elements of line in symmetry, repetition, rhythm and proportion, which was inspired by iconic landmark, the 30 St Mary Ax, London of England, made by additive manufacturing technology in 316 medical grade stainless steel material, it perfectly supports the elegant pen body in mesh-shaped without any support materials. It saves post-processing process, less material consumption, cost and time of production, customization and small-scale production, giving the pen lightweight, handy and exquisite with significance, creating the ordinary pen extraordinary.

Cape by ChungSheng Chen

Seawool Cape by ChungSheng Chen Seawool cape weights only 300 grams, is lightweight, easy to handle and washable. It is made from seawool yarn which come from the combination of recycled plastic PET bottle and nanolization oyster shell powder from discarded shells, not just only reduces waste, but delivers performance benefits like thermal regulation, odor resistance, moisture management and quick dry, soft woolen touch, and also anti-static, antibacterial, no chemical antibacterial agents added, is friendly to user's skin, providing a better wearing experience. Seawool truly the sustainable materials from the ocean.

Wooden Vase by ChungSheng Chen

Reborn Wooden Vase by ChungSheng Chen Creating value for the discarded and leftover of wood from furniture industry by using metal inlaying techniques on an organically spherical wood surface. Inspired by life form of growing seeds, brass wire is embedded on the wood grain, and extending out as the shape of the roots grown to support the wooden vase. The pattern has functional uses as wood leftovers are made into a container for planting, resembling a sprouting seed, symbolizing the cycle of life. The flowing metal root shape gives a sense of vitality, resembling a moving organism.

Educational Toy Brick by ChungSheng Chen

Habitat Educational Toy Brick by ChungSheng Chen Habitat, the toy bricks was designated to convey the concept of climate change cause damage to ecosystem and inspire children's awareness of ecological protection and to educate preschool children about climate action. Made of Spanish cork bark material which is no trees were chop down for the sake of production, is antistatic that avoid dust adhere, prevent children from asthma and allergies. Made up of gradients of shape and colors, open-ended stackable toy brick in natural habitat scenario.

Sustainable Hotel by ChungSheng Chen

Oasis Sustainable Hotel by ChungSheng Chen Oasis hotel is a sustainable recreation hotel decorated with the concept of natural architecture, most of the original appearances from the abandoned old building was preserved, least construction material used and built in simplest way. Plants and lights, the essentials elements were integrated into the whole environment. One can feel the traces of time from the exposed original building texture, floor-to-ceiling glass windows at the lobby allow skylights on all sides forms a dreamy glass house, an ideal space for tourist or business travel find an escape in the modern busy city.

Bench by ChungSheng Chen

Chopstikbench Bench by ChungSheng Chen Made from 37.800 pairs of recycled disposable chopsticks, which equivalent to the chopsticks used in three night-markets per day in Taiwan. Every single piece of chopstick was placed intertwine and glue with non-toxic adhesive, and CNC cutting take into shape with a weight load capacity up to 300kg. Smooth line of an arc progressively hollow out designed that spread from inside out corresponded the outline rounded in shape, organic styling that visually elegant. Suitable for street furniture or lobby reception furniture making the disposable chopsticks to be reshaped and create new values.

Branding Project by ChungSheng Chen

Seawool Branding Project by ChungSheng Chen The brand that blends fashion and sustainability, integrating recycled oyster shells with professional techniques and style into everyday life. The logo, presented in uppercase, symbolized a spirit of continuous innovation and the double letter o represents circular sustainability, signified perpetual renewal. The overall design exudes elegance, representing a pursuit of fashion and quality. The standard font integrates elements of waves and upward motion, shows her respect for nature and ongoing progress. The brand is vibrant, innovative and a leader in both fashion and environmental trends.

Branding Project by ChungSheng Chen

Inmyes Branding Project by ChungSheng Chen The brand name is acronym from the sentence in oneself eyes, is the concept of viewing the world from a personal perspective and the initial in lowercase underscores a closer, more personalized connection with consumers. The brand logo presented in uppercase letter M enclosed in the shape of eyeglass frames, symbolizes a handshake image with mutual trust between company and customers. Standard colors include stylish purple and vibrant orange, adding lively appeal. The brand offers premium, stylish eyewear, building trust and relationships with consumers.

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