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Azimuth for Architecture & Design is your direction towards the summit.
The azimuth word originates from medieval Arabic al-sumut, pronounced as-sumut in Arabic. Azimuth studio founded in 2015 as an architectural and engineering consultancy practice based in Al Madina, Saudi Arabia led by an experienced and inspirational team. We work with our clients to create livable and regional designs.
- Azimuth as a word means "clear road".
- Azimuth as a meaning refers to the philanthropists.
- Azimuth as a term refers to the angle between the projected vector and a reference vector on the reference plane.
Mosque by Azimuth For Architecture & Design

Salam Mosque by Azimuth For Architecture & Design The proposed design suggests a new prospect of district mosques in Saudi Arabia, where the most important holy places for Muslims are existed, by redefining the main characteristics of the traditional mosque. The multiple masses, which maintain the monumental style and make it at the same time more humanistic, the various movement relations and the Hypostyle influence in the prayer hall interior design, are the main features of the proposed design.

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Azimuth For Architecture & Design
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Azimuth For Architecture & Design is ICCI member since 2017, with 2020 ICCI rating.
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