Zhan Xiao

lives in hangzhou, has served in several international interaction mechanism, vauman interactive agency creative director in Germany.Provide service for global companies, the shangri-la hotel group, IBM kenexa, starwood, kraft foods, TAKARA TOMY, etc.
 express delivery application by Zhan Xiao

Atxiaoge express delivery application by Zhan Xiao Based on the location of service positioning, to achieve the key to send real-time view the distribution of couriers within the region, according to personal habits designated courier company, you can choose a single courier company or more choice. The difference between the traditional courier service experience, the user can advance booking mail, courier delivery time. Logistics information real-time updates, so that each courier is a safe and secure destination.

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Zhan Xiao
jing du yuan 42 blocks 305
P: +86 13817089817

Zhan Xiao is ICCI member since 2017, with 2032 ICCI rating.
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