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Member of the Jury Panel of A'Design Award & Competition in 2016~2018.
Member of International Association of Designers(IAD).
Member of World Design Consortium(WDC).
Member for The Council Of China-Korea.
Collectine Member by Capital CorpoSration Image Institution,and also an honorary member of ICOGRADA China.
Apr.2018——won the A Design Award in 2017-2018.
Apr.2017——won the Silver A Design Award in 2016-2017.
Apr.2017——won the Bronze A Design Award in 2016-2017.
Book Design by Na An

Mountains as well as waters Book Design by Na An Sculpturer’s autobiographical album of painting collected his sculpture works and also recorded his artistic development. The keynote of the book is succinct composition and elegant color, which can build moderate and natural narrative. In the publication design, complicated designing signs were abandoned, controlling the space between words, arrangement of pictures directly, using white space to control the speed of reading…showing the author’s sculpture works and art experience. Readers can feel author’s true feeling from the pages when reading.

Series posters by Na An

The moon shines the Huaxia Series posters by Na An Five-thousand phylogeny of Chinese art is the economic and cultural phylogeny of China. “The Moon Shines the Huaxia” gives priority to the development of Chinese crafts art, which represents the grand and magnificent history of Chinese civilization in a panoramic way. Ups and downs in Chinese history, from primitive society to Qing Dynasty, are just like “the phase of the moon”, bright or dim, wax or wane. That is the reason why we call it “The Moon Shines the Huaxia”.

Book design by Na An

Beauty of folk arts Book design by Na An The design presents the beauty of Chinese folk arts. This is a total of eight books, about Chinese folk technology and materials. The content includes textile arts, Papercuts, New Year pictures, embroidery, stone carving, brick carving, wood carving, silver accessories. Extracting symbolic language from classical patterns, rearranging the characters, graphics and color blocks, to interpret the major cultural heritage of China. The book design is intended to show the charm of folk art, make people pay attention to traditional culture and inherit folk arts.

Posters by Na An

Breath Posters by Na An There is a correlation between things, like breathing and the mask, breathing and the city sky, breathing and the heartbeat. The posters mainly use the method of positive and negative shapes, it combines the face with the mask. The shared edges between shapes represent a symbiotic relationship, it is an indivisible reality of people, cities and the world.

Book by Na An

Everything Book by Na An These are books about traditional culture, it contains the twelve earthly branches of China and philosophy of thing grows and coexists. The books were bind in folding form of ancient Chinese books, used wood and special paper. It is easy to turn the pages, and gives people a sense of history and philosophy. Printing process includes laser engraving, laser printing, creasing and hot stamping. In layout design, the books used hand-drawn graphics, texture art and the hue of the high gray. Chinese culture and national traditions is the inspiration in design.

Book by Na An

Memories of Mukden Book by Na An These are books on the city's history and regional culture. The books consists of eight volumes, which respectively introduce eight places of interest in Mukden. Mukden is the birthplace of Qing culture and an important Chinese cultural heritage. Books are bound by folding, materials are metal, rice paper, brocade and so on. The shape of the book is an octagonal palace lantern, which expresses the meaning that the palace lantern carries the memory of the old times and lights illuminate the history and culture. The content of the book uses digital illustration to depict the scene.

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Na An

Na An is ICCI member since 2018, with 12165 ICCI rating.
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