Tingting Han

Fashion designer / graphic designer / illustrator / interior decorator.
Found "Nicole HON" Haute couture and luxury ready to wear brand in Paris.
Graduated from Novelle Couture Traditionelle of ESMOD and Bunka fashion college.
6 years work experience as an art director in Shanghai and long time freelance.
fashion by Tingting Han

The Control fashion by Tingting Han The inspiration gave an idea for an imaginative story which talks about a war between mankind and nature. The leopard represents modern ladies energetic, rapier wit and strong-willed image. Basic to a streamline of leopard shape, mix-matched Art Deco and modern artistic form of expression, models on clay, a sculpture which is following woman's wonderful body line. In the basis of the tanning technique, steam from an iron is used on wet leather for over a hundred hours to make the leather follow the sculpture. Then it keeps the silhouette of the leather to be stable, even without the sculpture.

Contact Info

Tingting Han
191 rue d'alesia
P: +33661112995

Tingting Han is ICCI member since 2017, with 2032 ICCI rating.
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