Tianyi Shi

Tianyi Shi is a furniture and product designer. Recently, her product Soft Light won Golden A' Design Award Winner for Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Category in 2015. She was the director of a National Undergraduate Training Programs for Innovation and Entrepreneurship with design Bamboo Furniture. She has interest in materials, e.g. foam and bamboo, and also has an interest in Chinese traditional culture. Normally, foam plays a supporting role in product or furniture design. However, as for her, foam could be an interesting point to start with and to explore during design process. Nowadays, she is playing with foam to explore a possibility of using foam to break formal conventions of furniture and products.
Light by Tianyi Shi

Soft Light by Tianyi Shi The inspiration of Soft Light comes from the feeling of touching foam, softness and warmth. It is hard to change foam’s shape, which is like a stubborn child. The stubborn foam may nod or bow under pressure, but get back into shape soon. Appreciating the beautiful texture in the cover makes people feel relaxed and peaceful. It can always be with one who feels lonely. White and square from implies a simple and quiet feeling. Instead of hard it offers a softness feeling to people who touch it. Additionally, it can be turned on by pressing it!

Contact Info

Tianyi Shi
B26A, Woodland House, 34 Market Road, Islington
N7 9AW
P: +44(0)7548626107

Tianyi Shi is ICCI member since 2016, with 2040 ICCI rating.
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