YeQuan Liu

YeQuan Liu(SUWU DESGIN,SUWU LIFE) , 25 years old , from China . industrial designer. Design Supervisor. He has won numerous design awards and his work has been exhibited and published in a number of publications.
In 2015,He established my own brand " SUWU Innovation studio ,SUWU LIFE",SUWU Innovation studio, a design brand created by a senior design team that is full of passion and innovation to design, aims to explore better design and lifestyle with wisdom. Improve your life quality, and create fashionable and quality living. SUWU DESIGN take product as the core,Industrial Design,Graphic Design. Any suggestion or negotiation, you are welcome to contact me with emails.
Medical bottle cap by YeQuan Liu

LW-01 Medical bottle cap by YeQuan Liu This medical bottle cap can be covered on most ordinary mineral water bottles. It can hold short-term pills, so that people can carry their drugs and need no other additional storage space during exercise or travel. Everyone knows that the pill must be swallowed with water, and this design integrates the pill and water, so it will be convenient for people to swallow pills at any time. During relief and rescue efforts, people could not only provide clean water to the victims, but also supply them needed pills through the medical bottle cap.

Cat-Overpass  by YeQuan Liu

Red Line Cat-Overpass by YeQuan Liu Stray cats are unable to follow human rules of traffic. Once those poor cats break into highway of oncoming cars, it is possible for them to get hurt or killed. Designers can improve the design of footbridge to avoid the tragedy repeating.According to the habits of cat, designers can install a secure channel, namely Cat-Overpass, in the bottom of the footbridge and they also induce the stray cats to go through the channel. The smell of cat grass will induce the cat to find the right and safe channel which is Cat-Overpass.

Mobile Phone Disinfection Box by YeQuan Liu

Aurora Mobile Phone Disinfection Box by YeQuan Liu The 2 types of sterilization boxes compose of Aurora series products, N1 has high intensity ultraviolet rays. The UV disinfection and mobile phone all round wipe cleaning functions can be provided by M1. According to various demands, we can apply Aurora series products in homes, public places, medical institutions and other places.

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YeQuan Liu
Room740, 7th Floor, ZHIXIAN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY BULDING, No.3 LongJing Road, ShiQi District, Zhongshan, Guangdong province, China
GD 760
P: +8615889897709

YeQuan Liu is ICCI member since 2016, with 6089 ICCI rating.
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