BLVD was initially established by Honglei Liu and Yun Du in Canada. Over the past 15 years since establishment, BLVD always sticks to its pursuit of perfectionism and harmony, and endeavors to achieve excellent design works that can perfectly mix scene, emotion and artistic conception. Thanks to its excellent design and advanced perception, BLVD has undisputedly grown up to be the leader in the field of interior, architecture and landscape design. Today’s BLVD is not only an outstanding design firm in the interior design of hotel and office environment, but also widely acknowledged as the excellent waterfront design expert in China.
Hotel by Honglei Liu

Airland Shenzhen Hotel by Honglei Liu Airland Hotel is a small-scale resort hotel. As it was a renovation project, the total budget was quite challenging. Designers made the best use of the existing space, which is shaped by the curvy architecture. The complicated design was abandoned; instead, natural landscape and sunlight are introduced into interior while keeping the openness and ventilation of the atrium and its surrounding. The design intent was to achieve a pure, natural and romantic ambience that offers relaxing and pleasant experiences with minimum budget.

Restaurant by Honglei Liu

Lakeview Palace Restaurant by Honglei Liu According to ancient Asian philosophy that all nature and humanity are the five elements of Earth, Fire, Gold, Water and Wood, this restaurant has its main dining hall as its central Earth element while the West entrance signifies Gold and the abundance of success. North is the Study, reminiscent of a calm body of water with the fiery South picked as the obvious location for the Kitchen. The luxury Lounge located on the Eastern axis also reveals treating every visitor as a cherished guest. When one walks into this Lakeview Restaurant, you recognize the sensation which will lead your heart.

Hotel by Honglei Liu

Hyatt Place Luoyang Hotel by Honglei Liu Located amid the historic city of Luoyang, this new hotel features 260 guest rooms and suites, which exceeds the Hyatt Place standards. Its design overlay the contemporary hotel with a sleek, sophisticated atmosphere that references the city’s rich context and history. The overall concept of re-contextualization fuses the local heritage and the contemporary interior design into one, the spirit of Luoyang lives on in modern attire and becomes a new local landmark.

Showroom by Honglei Liu

Mind the Sea Showroom by Honglei Liu This showroom has more emphasize on conceptual features, aiming to present an environmental, modern and creative branding spirit to visitors. The entire space is mainly toned by white color, one may be strongly impressed by the aesthetics of pure minimalism. As the background color, white opens up to all possibilities and embraces the future to a large extent. Touched by the abstract artistic ambience, the space is overwhelmed with a deep and delicate aesthetic perception.

Vip Conference Centre by Honglei Liu

Vanke Headquarters Vip Conference Centre by Honglei Liu This project is an example on how the concepts of environment conservation and energy-saving are blended into an interior space design. Numbers of architecture skylights windows in the 6F of the building become a source of inspiration. Designers focused on integrating the sunlight into the interior spaces in order to connect the office users with nature. The design for VIP reception derives its inspiration from the idea of dry garden. This project is significant as it establishes a humble interior space which connects human to human, human to nature, human to society.

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Blvd is ICCI member since 2016, with 10189 ICCI rating.
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