Guangchao Wei

My name is Wei Guangchao, born in Shandong province of China in 1992, and studied in industrial design department of Southwest Jiaotong University from 2011 to 2015. I truly begin to touch design education and design in my university, and I still have been pursuing my dream in the designing road. I really enjoy creating some fresh and interesting thing with a love for thinking, especially spatial thinking from childhood. The design is just a process of thinking, I think. I also keen on the fantasy with no limitation. Everything that comes tomind or goes out of your mind will be possible to realize. I always think they can be designed into what as soon as I see raw materials with great passion for design and creation, which makes me feel our world is so charming. I am almost obsessed with the pureness of raw materials giving me more space to imagine what they will be like in the future. Of course, I am certain to be more excited that my design can constantly change or improve people's lives, with more beauty for our world, which is the reason why I so persistent to design. I really hope that the world becomes more and more wonderful promoted by the design.
Sculpture-Logotype by Guangchao Wei

Order - development Sculpture-Logotype by Guangchao Wei Because of their limited experience comparing with skilled workers, many technique problems popped out during the construction: the edge of plank is outward, how to identify the cutting angle of every plank at surface? How to maintain the balance and identify the stress point? Every step of this project was beset with difficulties.7 of them worked together, broke in and matched up, finally completed the work 10 days later. Comparing with the result, they enjoyed more in the whole process, and benefitted more. They made progress and had breakthrough every day.

Open exhibition space by Guangchao Wei

Flexible Open exhibition space by Guangchao Wei Use bamboo, this environment-friendly material, to cheaply, conveniently, quickly, and freely build venues, and use original node configuration mode so that the entire space can form into a flexible structure space with steel wire as flexible structure.Bamboos being as ecological materials have great ecological significance to environmental protection and sustainable development.

Public Seats by Guangchao Wei

Rebirth Public Seats by Guangchao Wei The way of using construction waste residue as the concrete aggregate is an effective approach to dispose the construction waste residue. Using the construction waste residue in outdoor public infrastructure can reduce the construction waste’s harm on the environment and have positive role in the whole society and environment.

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Guangchao Wei
NO. 999 Xi An Lu
Pi Xian
P: +8618200269297

Guangchao Wei is ICCI member since 2017, with 6090 ICCI rating.
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