Deng Yusheng, Akira

Deng Yusheng (Akira), is currently a 18 years old student who has a huge passion in the design field. He has helped several client with graphic designs to set up a company's business card, logo, poster or create packaging/product for their company. His biggest favour is in product design, and from his sharp taste in product design, he has come up with many different designs that are hugely acknowledged by the school. All his works show simplicity, uniqueness and practicality of the product, and that may be the reason why everyone agree to his designs.
Bluetooth Wristwatch by Akira Deng, Samson So

Knotch Bluetooth Wristwatch by Akira Deng, Samson So People check their phones more than 150 times per day. The smartwatches designed nowadays are just another mobile device within the watch itself. Akira Samson Design’s “Knotch” is a smartwatch that allows the user to receive notifications / missed notifications from the Bluetooth connection with the phone and to give vibration feedback so people checking their phone less frequently. “Knotch” has a good visibility and user-friendly user interface. “Knotch” is a cost-efficient watch, therefore youngsters who want to follow fashion trends and advance technology can easily afford it.

Contact Info

Deng Yusheng, Akira
Flat 8, 4th Floor, Tower F, 20-30 Tai Chung Kiu Road
P: +852 63814884

Deng Yusheng, Akira is ICCI member since 2014, with 2022 ICCI rating.
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