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Based in Lahti, Finland, Private Case Oy was founded in 1985 when Ari Korolainen, arquitect and industrial designer, started to manufacture his own briefcases made of recycled cardboard. The good acceptance in the market and their fabulous design, which has been recognized by numerous awards, have made of Private Case Oy one of the leading manufacturers of environmentally friendly stationery products in the international market place.
Big light pot by Ari Korolainen

Divine Big light pot by Ari Korolainen This is a big light pot, made of one or two piece of opal plastic. The pot do not have a bottom at all. So, You put it around a growing tree. And fasten edges together by "rapid locks".And to the bottom comes a LED light Which gives a light to the pot and a tree and a surraund. Main difference for others is that You put this around a growing tree. You do not put a tree to grow there.

Case by Ari Korolainen

Olga Case by Ari Korolainen A laptop case with a special adjustable strap-like handle and clever straps for fastening another smaller iPad or iPad mini to the case. You can carry the case on your shoulder or on your back, like a light rucksack. For the material I chose recycled leather. There are several colours and colour combinations to chose from. My aim was to design a plain, easy to carry and interesting looking laptop case. You can carry an umbrella or a newspaper under the case with you, too. It is an easily modifiable case for every day use.

Multifunctional chair by Ari Korolainen

Cubic Multifunctional chair by Ari Korolainen People have got use to that arm-chair and light are two seperate furniture. The challange has been, how to combine this two products to same the product. Another challange to solve has been. How to make a chair or a sofa were it is easy to stand up, even older people. By adding small wooden parts, where to hold on when geting up from the chair. Arm chair with a light helps people to see the place. By using differen colours of the light it is possible to creat different kind of atmospheres to the rooms, halls or where the lighted arm-chair is placed.

Case by Ari Korolainen

Teip Case by Ari Korolainen Case Teip is suitable for bussiness use or travel use to take some extra cloths with you. Easily changeble sholderstrap has several ways to to carry the case. It has something which reminds the old times, mixed todays demands. Top middel of the cover there is a net And in same position insideThere is a pocket where you can put your phone. Now when phone rings you can see and hear And you find d your phone from the case.iit is a case which changes easily for your different demands. It has own places for laptops, papers 5 and A 4, Place for a mobilephone. Place for a clothes for overnight

Multifunctional table by Ari Korolainen

Big Click Multifunctional table by Ari Korolainen Big Click is a multifunctional table and a space saver. It can be used as a working table or a dining table. The special features are the two hidden levels, that can be popped out for additional surface space. Normally a table can take much space, instead Big Click gives you space. When more space is needed, for example for kids, you can push gently on the edge of the lowest level and it will slide out easily. Just like that, the surface space will be doubled. And if you still need more space, you can pop out a third level from the opposite side to triple the space.

Refillable notebook by Ari Korolainen

Pocket Refillable notebook by Ari Korolainen Pocket is a convenient and sustainable notebook for everyday use. The cover is made of recycled leather, which is a durable material. The notebook insert is changeable, so when you run out of pages you can easily replace the insert with a new one, keeping the old covers. This way the notebook will stay with you for many years. The notebook consists of three pieces: the cover, a cardboard page marker and a notebook. All pieces are held together by a rubber band, which also closes the notebook.The notebook comes with a small pen attached to the cover, and is available in many color combination.

Organizer  by Ari Korolainen

All You Need Organizer by Ari Korolainen Ari Korolainen has designed a multifunctional case that keeps the most essential items organized. With its several pockets the case can fit a mobile phone, credit cards, a passport, tickets, pencils, notes and some cash, for instance. It is a solution when traveling and on the go. There is a window on the front of the case so the phone can be heard ringing inside. Its compact size makes the case easy to carry around either as such or in a bag. The case is made of recycled leather. It is available in many colors and even with a cork surface.

Business card holder by Ari Korolainen

Smile Business card holder by Ari Korolainen Smile is a simple business card holder with an interactive function. It is not just a regular holder for your business cards, but also an icebreaker, a fun conversation starter with a plain yet practical design. Pulling the band makes the cards automatically pop out, and the holder is closed again by putting the cards back in. The mechanism is simple yet convenient in its ease of use. The holder is made of durable recycled leather, and is available in several colors.

Chair by Ari Korolainen

Cubic Slim Chair by Ari Korolainen Cubic Slim is a combination of furniture and lighting. Ari Korolainen has designed led lights inside of plastic arm rest pieces, which transform the armchair to a light source. The chair has a metal frame with metal net details, and leather upholstery. The arm rests have a place for a drink and small wooden handles, which make it easy for even elderly persons to rise up from the chair. Cubic Slim is the result of carefully planned minimalistic dimensioning. Ari says:it is more than a chair, it is like a piece of art

Boarding Time Tag by Ari Korolainen

Wake Up Boarding Time Tag by Ari Korolainen Ari Korolainen designed Wake Up because he wanted to help travelers at the airport to be in time at the gate. It features a clock face with movable pointers, which can bet to show the boarding time of a flight. The tag is put around one's neck and if the user happens to fall asleep while waiting for their flight, someone can easily see the boarding time and the request to wake them up. In this way the product reduces the risk of the user missing their flight. The tag is made of recycled leather, and is available in several bright colors to attract the attention of other travelers.

Light fixture by Ari Korolainen

Divide Light fixture by Ari Korolainen Divide is a convertible light fixture. It is made up of the following main parts: two pots, LED lights and a pantograph ceiling system. The height of the product is adjustable as seen in picture 2 and picture 3. Divide can be used in several ways by adjusting the two pots. They can be joined together or divided. The operation is effortless and enables creating different kinds of atmospheres. As a highlight there is a bright colored fluorescent acrylic sheet that reflects the LED light inside.

Chair by Ari Korolainen

Please Have a Seat Chair by Ari Korolainen Have a seat is a real ecologically friendly chair. The back of the chair and the seat is made of recycled cardboard. The surface material is recycled leather, which is made of waste pieces collected from shoe and bag factories and pressed to leather sheets. It is possible to make different colour combinations. The frame of the chair is made of wood. One chair requires 5 meters of wooden frame, 5 kg recycled cardboard and 0,5 kg of recycled leather. The chair is like a piece of art, where every wooden part and measurement are results of careful thinking.

Armchair by Ari Korolainen

Left&Right Armchair by Ari Korolainen Left&Right is a two-piece multifunctional armchair. There are three ways and positions how to place the two chairs. Position no.1: about 60 cm space between the chairs. Position no.2: chairs connected with a square tray. Now there is a place to put down a cup of coffee or a drink. So there is a place for a left-handed person and a right-handed person. The left-handed person sits on the right side and the right-handed on the left side. The third position is to place the chairs tightly close to each other to create a warm atmosphere.

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