Leijing Zhou

She has studied in the UK, the Netherlands and Singapore for many years. Her research direction is human-computer interaction and intelligent design. She has won more than 10 Red dot design awards, IF design awards etc. and published nearly 10 international journals and papers. She has participated in organizing the world industrial design conference, the world ecological design conference and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization ecological design leading class as the core personnel.
Educational Learning Toy by Zhou Leijing

Startracks Educational Learning Toy by Zhou Leijing Startracks is a steamboard match board game. Set in the context of interstellar exploration and based on astronomical knowledge, Startracks uses rubidium magnets to simulate the gravitational pull of the planets, allowing children to visualize the presence of gravity and immerse themselves in the game environment. In addition, the game's various mechanics are based on basic astrophysical knowledge, which makes the game fun and educational for children and stimulates their interest in learning astronomy and physics.

Speaker by Zhou Leijing

Birdy Speaker by Zhou Leijing Birdy is a speaker that is designed to evoke a tactile and interactive experience with a creature, rather than a geometric object. With intuitive controls, users can manage their music playback by using the bird as a game stick. By swinging it in different directions, users can adjust the volume, skip to the next or previous song, and more. In addition to its music-playing capabilities, Birdy also doubles as a smart home assistant that responds to various bird calls. Its aim is to create a more natural and emotionally engaging user experience.

City Poster by Zhou Leijing

Endless Scenery City Poster by Zhou Leijing Endless Scenery shows the unique charm of the ten views of West Lake in the way of watercolor painting. The work depicts the charm of West Lake through bright colors and freehand brushstrokes. It is worth mentioning that this work uses the emerging AI painting as a design aid, which contains the connotation of the work in this beautiful graphic design in an unusual way.

Wearable Prototype Toolkit by Zhou Leijing

Openwear Wearable Prototype Toolkit by Zhou Leijing OpenWear is a toolkit designed for building wearable prototypes quickly. It comprises a modified Lilypad USB development board, 11 newly designed modules, and connecting cables with O-ring connectors for swift connection. This kit enables rapid prototyping by allowing for quick attachment and connection, enabling users to build and test prototypes directly on the intended substrate, such as clothing.

Rhythm Exercises Toy by Zhou Leijing

Poly Beat Rhythm Exercises Toy by Zhou Leijing This innovative tool provides a fun and interactive approach to music education by exploiting the strong correlation between geometric polygons and rhythm. PolyBeat enhances children's understanding of the relationship between notes and rhythms, enabling them to master complex rhythmic patterns effortlessly. PolyBeat is an invaluable tool for children to learn music theory in an engaging and enjoyable way. It provides children around the world with a new and exciting method to learn and appreciate the universal language of music.

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Leijing Zhou
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Leijing Zhou is ICCI member since 2023, with 10149 ICCI rating.
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