The World Design Patron initiative was launched to broaden the reach of ICCI – International Council of Creative Industries in order to follow its mission of creating and maintaining educational events and incentives worldwide. Funds raised from this schema will be contributed towards the Ars Futura Cultura event to organize further conferences and meetings on design.

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World Design Patrons
The World Design Patron initiative was designed to create opportunities for both the supporting institutions as well as the society in general. The ultimate aim is to rise necessary funds for organizing new design events such as conferences, symposiums and competitions that could bring together and push designers, artists and architects worldwide to come up with superior projects that could benefit mankind. The following is a list of companies that have gained the title "World Design Patron" through their contributions, together with their statements and good design pledges:

Dean Watson, Sole Solutions

World Entrepreneurs DayStatement: With a dedication to creating furniture of unique and well considered design, I believe it is good design that is the key to the success of my business. From Aesthetics and function through to construction, manufacture techniques and processes. All must be equally respected and considered in terms of their design. It is through this harmony in the approach that good design is realised and commercially viable products are created. I am also a strong advocator of new technology, materials and processes and believe these to be essential to the long term success and forward progress of not just the design of furniture, but design of all things.

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